His successor was none other than "the son of the Kottaimedu soil" Bishop M. Ambrose, was given a grand Reception since he was already consecrated as Bishop of Tuticorin. Rev.Fr. Ignatius M. Irudayasamy, (June 1980 to December 1982, cut short by his untimely death, planed the alteration of the main Altar of the cathedral and his successor Rev. Fr. Maria Selvam (Dec.82 - to June 89) realized it. 

He worked tirelessly (as his nature) and he conceived a plan with the collaboration of well-to-do Catholics to purchase 2 large plots to be developed as "Ambrose Nagar I and II, Housing colonies on the National High-way, near Nilambur, for Catholics, at cheap rates!
The ancient cathedral witnessed impressive improvements during the tenure of Rev. Fr. Pius Savarimuthu. On 15-08-1996, the foundation for the new Facade of the Cathedral was laid and blessed on 26-10-1997 by Bishop Ambrose, as a Memorial of his Episcopal Silver Jubilee and of the 150th year jubilee of the cathedral. The two huge pillars, in front of the front door, were removed, utilizing modern technology, and the height of the two side-doors, were raised up, and the large platform in front,(which so far, had to be covered with pandals, for the frequent public functions, attracting large crowds) was built up with a permanent concrete roofing and new facade for the Cathedral which was considered once (even ridiculed) as too large for the Sunday crowd of maximum 200-300, up to the beginning of the 20th century, had become too small even for ordinary Masses! The flooring of the platform also was paved with marble slabs and fitted with powerful electric lights! The parishioners contributed generously. Rev. Fr.Pappu constructed a new, spacious Rondy memorial Prayer Hall in the place of the Rondy Hall with contributions of the parishioners and was blessed and opened by Bishop Thomas Acquinas.