A special retreat organized in the year 2011 January with the theme” Arise & Shine” enabled the youth of the Parish to come together and to form themselves as ‘youth Group’. The group now has the vision to empower themselves socially and spiritually. They participate in prayer groups, arrange for spiritual activities, and assist the parish in various liturgical celebrations and public events. They are being formed to be the vibrant leaders for the Church of Tomorrow, and they use their valuable talents and resources for the betterment of the Church and the community at large.

Contribution by MEP Priests:
The Diocese in general and the Cathedral church in particular owes its gratitude to the dedicated and committed Bishops and Priests from MEP who sowed the seeds of Faith, arranged to have the churches and other institutions within the parish and but for them the church would not have thrived to this much. The 17 years struggle to build a cathedral of magnificent stature and rebuilding the bell tower after an earth quake was really to be admired and appreciated. Now the cathedral church is the smallest of all the parish churches in and around Coimbatore and its wait on to get its renovation cum extension is too long and need urgent attention.

The Bishops and Priests buried inside the Cathedral speak volumes for their contribution to the Church in Coimbatore and very especially for the Cathedral Church.

1873                Most. Rev. Claudius maria Thopomia
07-02-1903    Most. Rev. Joseph Bardou
21-12-1937    Most. Rev. Augustin Roy
18-05-1938    Most. Rev. Louis Tournier

1857   Rev. Fr. Petral
1857   Rev. Fr. J. Perdaise
1861   Rev. Fr. Laphane
1862   Rev. Fr. Malbach
1868   Rev. Fr. Aurias